Rugby Drill Demonstration


Being able to read the defenders and making extra man count. 


Picture shows 4x4x4 v 2 in coloured bibs

Coaching points

1. Set up a 15m x 15m square. 

2. You can have either 2x2x2 v 1, 3x3x3 v2, 4x4x4 v2, 4x4x4 v 3, 5x5x5 v 3, 5x5x5 v 4. 

3. 3 sets of 4 attackers on 3 lines and 2 defenders in the middle of the grid. 

4. Either number the 3 teams 1,2,3 or different colour bibs. 

5. When the coach calls a number or colour that team has to score along the opposite line without the defenders intercepting or tackling. 

6. Make sure to change defenders around. 



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