Rugby Drill Demonstration


1) First I will split the players in half, and then I will get them to play two vs 1, this small drill will hopefully encourage them to start fixing the player and attacking where the space is.

2) Secondly, I will get the players to play 3 vs 2 this against has the same principle as the first drill however I will be making it harder by adding and adding an extra defender will mean its harder as there will be one more defender to beat in a smaller space. This means the attackers will have to fix the tow defenders and try and cause a 2 on 1 situation by taking the first defender out.

3) The third and final drill is to use the skills they have learnt from the drills and use them in a game of drop off touch this means, once the defender has made a touch that defender will have to drop off back to their try line, this will cause space on the outside or leave gaps in the middle of the field.

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