Rugby Drill Demonstration


This is a model of our new attack pattern for the season. The "1-3-3-1" describes the manner our pack players line up across the pitch.  (For purposes of easier identification of pack players and back line players, pack players are blue and back line players are red). A flanker / 8  is within each 15 meter channel and two pods of 3 pack players move flexibly across the middle of the field, based on direction by the scrumhalf/flyhalf/fullback.  "Squeeze" means we continue to move across the field in the same direction for 2 consecutive phases with the pods.  "Bounce" indicates that we switch direction of play by moving a pod back to the direction we came from.  "Flood" may be called when we reach the second pod this should be a backdoor option to the 12/13 who pick a line into/close to the 15m line and should include the associated flanker/8 and wing flooding up together in a flat, urgent line.  "Pierce" refers to an inside pass from the 10 to the 15 intended to move our channel of attack and to break the gain line.

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