Rugby Drill Demonstration


Players run forward and pass to next player

Once the ball reaches the 3rd player, the players round the 2nd cone and return

When the 1st group returns, the 2nd group begins their run

Players must watch the ball and players running in their channel

Coaching points


  • hold the ball in two hands
  • prop on their inside leg
  • turn side on to the defence to face the supporting receiver
  • identify the ‘target’ area - chest height in front of the receiver
  • keeping the ball up between waist and chest area
  • move the ball quickly across their body by swinging their arms
  • use their chest, shoulders, elbows and wrists to control the speed and flight of the ball as it is released
  • follow through with their hands in the direction of the pass with fingers pointing to the target after release


  • move forward onto the ball to make the catch
  • extend their arms - reaching towards the passer
  • giving a target to aim at (looking to catch the ball early)
  • keep their hands up ready with fingers spread (thumbs close together)
  • watch the ball all the way into their hands until certain all fingers and thumbs are in contact with the ball

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