Rugby Drill Demonstration


Purpose of this drill is to improve catching and passing ability while running in a straight line under pressure.

Coaching points


  1. Eyes on the ball, hands in the ready position
  2. Ensure passes are always backwards
  3. Draw in the defender before passing

 Defenders (D)

  1. Eyes on the ball
  2. Knees bent ready to move in either direction
  3. Anticipate the pass (or dummy)
  • Setup two rows of 5 cones approx. 10m apart across the field. Cones in a row are approx. 5m distance between each down the field.
  • Use 4 members from the group as defenders (D) to stand in line with a pair of cones between each row. These defenders may only move sideways and must stay between the cones.
  • Attackers form two even lines behind two of the cones at one end, with one of the lines given a ball (only the first 3-4 players in this line need a ball as the balls will be returned by the attackers once done)
  • The players at the front of the lines form a pair and with one ball, run towards the defender at the first set of cones. The attacker with the ball attempts to draw in the defender before passing to his support runner to move past the defender.
  • The new ball carrier attempts to do this same by passing back to the original ball carrier and repeats until the end of the gauntlet.
  • If a ball is intercepted, knocked down, dropped or the pass goes forward, the pair stop where they are and re-join the attacking lines.
  • If the attackers make it all the way through, they run around the outside of the cones back to the start returning the ball to the next attacker in line.
  • The pair re-join the lines and get ready to attack again.
  • Change up the defenders to ensure all players have a turn at both roles.

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