Rugby Drill Demonstration


This drill guides the Attacker's (blue)  path towards the Try Line. They must run around the slalom and past the defenders (red) to score a try.

Defenders cannot come off their line (in line with each of the cones) however they can move side to side on that line to fill the space.

Once a player is tagged BOTH DEFENDER AND ATTACKER FREEZE - This will encourage defenders to pick their man and get the tags.

Swap Attackers and Defenders and re-run.


Coaching points


  • Behind the ball carrier to  offer passing opportunities
  • Support your team mates, calling for the ball if they're in space
  • Run at spaces not faces


  • Focus on tags
  • Teamworking with your partner on the each line  / picking their targets


Other Points:

If attackers constantly win:

  • Reduce space available to Attackers or Increase number of defenders

If Defenders constantly win

  • Remove blue cones / Increase gaps for attackers or reduce defenders


Running outside slalom  = turnover ball.

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