Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • * 4 Sets of Cones opposite eached other as seen red & white.
  • Srum Half starts with ball & passes to first 3 man pod 1 Ball carrier, 1 cleaner & one Bridger
  • Ball carrier make conatct with holding bag, goes to ground next arrive player cleans out hlding bag & last arriving player secures ball for scrum half to play to next 3 man pod.
  • Next 3 man pod repeats drill.
  • While 2nd 3 man pod does drill the first 3 man pod must work arround to 3rd cone to be there by the time the scrum passes to them.
  • First bag holder works around to 3rd cone so first 3 man pod can go into conatct with him again.
  • 2nd bag holder & 3 man pod works to 4the cones.
  • Then once 4th con is reach we work back up again.
  • Note: Throughout the drill ball carrier, Cleaner & bridger should rotate.

Coaching points

  • Look for good conatct into bag from ball carrier i.e ball in the correct hand when making conatact.
  • Cleaner to quick and effiencent in cleaning out bag holder.
  • Bridger to secure ball for srum half to be on his feet and not sealing off.
  • Srum half passes to be accurate.

3 Man pods (Ball carrier & two cleaners) with scrum half pass to next 3man PodRuck Clear OutRugby Drills Coaching