Rugby Drill Demonstration


Use 2 coaches to deliver this drill

Use a 20m wide by 15m long grid

Score as many tries as you can with 10 mins

As soon as pad is touched then long present with ruck simulation

Use 3 blocker runners for the Hammer 2 dummy

The blocker runners then become 10's next arrow

Have 10 dictating the distance of passing from 9 and distance of Arrow Head.

Coaching points

Explain why we are needing to attack wider (Caerphilly so strong around fringes of rucks and not really breaking the gain line)

Coaches to use a coloured pad for 10 to aim at. Simulating a gap in defence.

9 to instruct blocker runners

10 to pull next available group into position.

Put emphasis on the key skills of taking the ball at pace.

Put emphasis on sympathetic hands

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