Rugby Drill Demonstration


Aim: Develop players’ ability to set the defensive line quickly, and generate linespeed to place pressure on the attack


  • 2 groups of 6-8 defenders v 5-7 attackers (with pads)
  • First group of defenders start by passing the ball to each other
  • On the coaches call, they drop the ball (as they are defenders) and set up a defensive line (in relation to where the attackers are)
  • The group should have a scrum-half to help organise the defensive line
  • One the second call, the defenders go forward as a line and tackle the attackers.
  • They then rest (round a cone) and repeat, before swapping with group 2.
  • Coach to stand behind the defensive line with two coloured cones ( Red and Yellow)
  • When coach holds up a colour the defensive attacking line adjust to the corresponding colour cones
  • Defense must react to the change

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