Rugby Drill Demonstration



Activity -5 Pass Game. 15m x 15m square (5v 5, one team in bibs)


  • Objective – Develop handling and evasion skills in a chaotic environment. Reward effort as well as achievement.


    Information, Explanation, Demonstration (IED)


  • Pass the ball to your team mates 5 times then place the ball on the ground to score a point

  • Players cannot run with the ball, Defenders cannot touch the attackers or knock the ball out of their hands. Turnover ball once point scored or ball lost by attackers or won by defenders.

  • Ask them do they understand.



  • The ball must not touch their shirts, encourages two hands out in front of them to receive the ball.

  • Change the ball size to a smaller ball. (tennis or small football)

  • Increase the number of passes if it is too easy.

  • If they are finding it too difficult allow the ball carrier to move.

  • Encourage everyone to touch the ball.

Coaching points


                Micro Coaching area

If a pass is dropped or a defender knocks the ball out of an attackers hands they have to leave the playing area and do a handling skill in the small coned micro coaching area. (i.e throw the ball up in the air and catch it 10 times or move the ball around their body 10 times before re-entering the game.)


Questions: ask players before, during or after activity.


  • Attackers:  How did it go? / How could you have improved your team’s performance? – what was good? Communication (calling for the ball) – Support (Finding space, making it an easier pass for your team mate)

  • Defenders: How did it go?  - What was good?/How could you have improved your performance? (Man marking, Communicate/Organise yourselves to defend smaller areas of the pitch rather than all chasing the ball.

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