Rugby Drill Demonstration


Pursuit and evasion game for U8s downwards.

Set up a pitch 20m x 15m or larger depending on numbers.Two equal teams, one in bibs if needed.. Each player wears a belt and 2 tags.

Coaching points

  • Coach gives instructions to each team in turn as in Fig. 1.
  • If using as a warm up, these can be lunges, high-kicks, side-strides etc.
  • After a couple of goes each, coach calls on one team to attack. This team has to take prisoners from the opponents by removing a tag. Opponents have to avoid capture and reach the enemy camp. (Fig.2)
  • Repeat from opposite ends.
  • Once a player has lost both tags, they are 'dead' and come out of the game.
  • Winning team is last one to have players still alive.


  • Any player who takes a tag can add it to his own belt as an extra 'life'.
  • Any player who loses both tags becomes a 'turncloak' (traitor) - he lines up with his normal team, but then attacks when the enemy does, helping them tag his team-mates.

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