Rugby Drill Demonstration


This drill incorporates a number of match related areas.

  1. From the lineout 9 starts by passing to the 10 who passes to 12 who crashes into the defencive 10/12 channel, the attacking 10 & 13, support and clear the ruck. 9 supports the crash pod and once the ball is cleared out, passes out to the 1st pod of forwards who hit the defensive midfield,  9 supports and passes to the 2nd forward pod who are looping around.
  2. Forwards can then take the ball on a crash ball and control possesion until the backs realign.
  3. The play can then change direction back across field with backline or the 1st forward pod crashing into the 10 channel drawing in the defensive backline in and allowing space outside.



Coaching points


  • Passes have to be given once the player is through the gate.
  • Gates can be set out either 5m or 8m from the try line and set the same in depth and width from each other (you'll notice all gates are in a perfect line diagonally across the field for each set. 
  • This Drill can help improve handling, communcation, fitness, rucking,  backline setting,  and i'm sure you'll find more.
  • It is important to let the players know why they are doing the drill and what you are trying to achieve.

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