Rugby Drill Demonstration


The basic behind the game is to have fun and the kids start to see their own technique in kicking and their ability to do so. This game is simple, place a hoop on the floor and they just stand in a gate and kick the ball towards the hoop which is 5-10 metres away. The children will find it easy to target on something like that (with a coach standing behind) as you would do putting a kick down field in the position that will in turn give your team mates time to re-set etc.

This is a fun game and it's easy to let a couple have a go at once and the others get to interact as well and cheer on there team mates.

With this kicking game you can use either:

*High ball kick (not as yet though)

*Chip over - which is kinda what we are after

*Grubber - which is a great for short game tactics but can be used in this later on

We will be able to identify potential kickers as they progress.

Kicking a ball into the hoop.KickingRugby Drills Coaching