Rugby Drill Demonstration


Red: D Blue: O

-A ball carrier starting on the green cone side steps their way through them.

Another player, starting at the corner, runs around the first cone and then chases down the ball carrier, to perform a tackle from behind. 

After making the tackle, D gets onsides and poaches ball

-Add on after a while: Yellow player starting on midway grid must run around corner cone and 1st green cone but can then support O player

Coaching points

What to look for in this rugby drill

  • Tacklers going for the ball before they are on their feet. The law states that the tackler can compete for the ball from any angle, as long as they are on their feet.

  • The ball carrier not releasing the ball quickly. The law states that the ball must be released immediately.

-Encourage O player to get up if ruck has not been formed. This will work on O being alone after a breakaway being tackled but making a good decision. 

D chase down and turnoverRugby Drills Coaching

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