Rugby Drill Demonstration


One station as set out on the right is designed to accommodate 8 players.

Two players should start at the top Wrestling square (P1 and P2)

 2 players at the bottom Wrestling square (P3 and P4).

4 players should grab contact shields at the positions indicated.

Coaching points

The 4 players (P1, P2, P3 and P4) in the 2 Wrestling grids start by wrestling each other continuously for 15s,

Then get up and sprint the triangle in the direction indicated by the arrows.

At every contact shield the players should hit the shield and perform a
2m leg drive

Drop to the floor, get up (Down & Up)

Continue until the player reaches the square he started in, where he will either complete another rep by starting to wrestle,

Rest and complete another rep or swap with a player holding a contact shield.

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