Rugby Drill Demonstration


Basically this is key area diagram for our kickoff options.

"Lockdown"= Is a longer non-contestable kick with a field position outcome desired through a positive linespeed on the kick/chase.

in conjunction with stronger defenders assigned to areas to essentially lock them in there territory.

"Jab"= Is the equiivlent to a flop kick, provides variation with the desired outcome of an element of surprise & with positive contest to win the ball.

Again key players will be assigned to contest and understanding roles e.g no tap backs in contest, and supporting player picking up opposition scraps and hard in support on jumper if he wins ball.

Coaching points

Basically provide key targets for the chasers with some variation in areas.

Also develop kickers ability to put the ball into areas of the field accurately.

Clearly communicating the call is crucial so all players are aware, as is the mind-set of us looking to win the ball and become hungry in our chase mentality.

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