Rugby Drill Demonstration


'Standard" = Kickoff formation to contest kick-off 

Also provides us with good coverage defensively if we do not attain posession.

Good aggressive linespeed , contest & chase.

Again the formation has roles within it & positive defensive structure which may require tweaking over time but i engaged James on his thoughts on this.

Key organisers if kick not won are guys in behind the line i.e 9,10,15 & 8, these guys are essentially our eyes & can see our short comings to structure and shape with regards to numbers & spacing.

The guys at the back also provide coverage for return kick counter attack option so communication, covering space & work off the ball is key. 

Coaching points

- Set Early

- Communication of kick channel

- Organised in key contester (aggressive attitude)

- Good line and chase

- Roles off the ball


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