Rugby Drill Demonstration


Designed to increase pressure as drill progresses.  

Points: Proper Tackling, Evasion, Support depth/lines, fitness.

Grid size varies to number of players and focus..

larger = more space

Smaller = more pressure/reps 

Coaching points

1/2 Defenders/Attackers start on each sideline/behind their 2m cones. 

*Can have them start on belly, back, head away, etc*

1 ball per attacker is spaced along the attacking line.

Whistle: defenders round goal line cone and defend with focus to tackle/poach.

Attackers round attack line, step over/scoop ball and attack w focus to score by evasion/step/power.

 If a player is tackled

A. long body to prevent easy poach. Still must release ball. 

Return to feet, sprint around his corner cones and re-insert as a support player - Either wait for attacker to support or become support for attacker in play.

D. get to feet, step over to poach, return thru his corner cone, ground ball and return to defend.

Missed Tackle/Score

A: Grounds ball across RED GOAL LINE, return around outside of grid and attack thru the coner cones (closest).  

D: Return to feet, leave grid at 90' to retreat thru corner cones, re-insert as defender.

***Attacking can have +1 in tackle - If a player is tackled, a supporter can clear tackler.  Ball is now playable by TACKLED PLAYER for an automatic score. --- Never more that 2 attacking and 1 defending in a tackle/ruck/maul.

***Defenders cannot attempt to tackle same player more than once in a rep.  If Attacker breaks tackle, he automatically scores.

***Progression: defenders can attack 

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