Rugby Drill Demonstration


Six cones, ~5 meters apart; ~8 meters long, with a ~2 meter in-goal area

One attacker (red), one defender (blue) and a scrumy (yellow)

The object of this drill is to teach forwards proper technique for carrying the ball and sitting a defender.

We want to get the defender off balance before entering the tackle. 

As forwards, we generally won't be able to sidestep any defenders. We want to run forward, always. The narrow channel in this drill will prevent us from trying to get too fancy with our footwork.

The scrumy will pass the ball to the attacker, whose objective is to prevent the defender from hitting him hips-square. 

The attacker starts behind the first set of cones and catches the ball at speed.*

By changing their running angle as they get the pass, the attacker gets the defender on their heels.

By adjusting pace when entering contact we have another opprotunity to set the defender off balance.

Combined with our fend we are able to keep seperation from the defender.


Coaching points

Getting a defender off balance and controlling the tackle as an attacker.

  • Hips square, towards tryline 
  • Carrying the ball in both hands
  • Moving the ball away form defender when entering into contact
  • Creating seperation with hand off
  • Controling pace
  • Driving through the tackle

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