Rugby Drill Demonstration


Hands,Communication and agility warm up drill.

Coaching points

Players with the ball set out across the grid towards there oppostie player.

  • 1st action is to pop the ball in the center of the grid with the opposite player running onto the ball and repeating this with the next opposite player and so on.(this you can call pop or 1)
  • (2 0r guts) Players head towards each other and place the ball in the opposite players stomach.
  • (3 or Place)Player with the ball places the ball on the ground a meter infront of the opposite player for him to run onto and pick up, and repeats.
  • 4. Player with the ball runs to the center then passes to his left and runs right.
  • 5. Player with the ball runs to the center and passes right and runs left.
  • 6. Player with the passes to the left of him and follows the pass and recieves the back and passes to the next playeron the next corner drill conitues with all the players running the drill all together.
  • 7. Same as 6 just passes go to the right.

Players must call each others name whilst running the drill.

Try and avoid connact with others and build space awareness.

Complete the drill with no dropped balls.

By calling out NUMBERs rather than pop, guts etc, player have to remember which number goes with which drill, which helps with understanding calls and decision making during a game.


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