Rugby Drill Demonstration


Cones from ruck:

1m (Guard), 2m from 1st cone (Bodyguard), 3m from 2nd cone (Ball) and 3m spacing for every cone after that.


  • They lay flat on their back 10 meters behind the offside line.
  • If the whistle blows, players jump up and get into position as quick as possible (stand on a cone).
  • The guards primary defence target is the scrumhalf/pick and drive ball/inside running man.
  • The bodyguard primary defence target is the first receiver.
  • the ball primary defence target is the second receiver.
  • The rest is man on man defence


  • Stand under the rugby posts except for a scrumhalf and a forward.
  • On second whistle the players run and form a backline on each side of the ruck.
  • The scrumhalf decides to past the ball to either side or the forward can pick and go.
  • Attackers must try and find the gap in the defence line.

Defenders must prevent attacking side from gaining advantage.



Coaching points


  1. The guard must have a low body position and hips facing towards the ruck. He must defend forward and only if the second pass was made (first receiver pass) can he move sideways to help defend. This way the guard closes the inside channel.
  2. The bodyguard is in a higher body position as the guard and hips facings towards the ruck.
     Defend forward onto the attackers outside shoulder, pushing him towards the touchline. If the pass was made he just shifts to side.
  3. The ball and the rest defend forward and their hips facings towards the attacker in front of him. Defend onto his inside shoulder to push him towards the touchline.
  4. All the defenders must run in one line towards the attackers.


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