Rugby Drill Demonstration


This drill incorporates a number of match related areas.

  1. 9 starts by passing to the 10 who runs through the (green) gates and then passes the 12 and so on.
  2. Once 9 has passed the ball he supports the 10 via running throuh the cones and so on with the 10 and the rest of the back line follows suit.
  3. Once the 9 pass has gone the pack (Blue) players support through the cones aswell.
  4. when the 14 recieves the ball he then drives into pads, backs support clear out the ruck, whilst the support pack set a back line.
  5. Drill repeats with the pack going through the cones and supporting but backs support throught the cones then loop around the outside and form a defencive line facing across the field.
  6. The 9 collects the ball from the second ruck area loops outside with the backs and kicks the ball across the field. 
  7. After the first ruck has finished the pad holders sprint and set a counter attacking back 3 between the halfway and 22m line ready to recieve the 9's kick and counter attack.
  8. Once the ball has been kicked the Red backs come up in a defencive line to stop the attacking back3.
  9. When either the back3 have been tackled or score on the touch line. The drill is over.

Coaching points

  • All support players MUST run through the (Green)gates its the shortest route to the tackle and breakdown area.
  • Passes have to be given once the player is through the gate.
  • Gates can be set out either 5m or 8m from the try line and set the same in depth and width from each other (you'll notice all gates are in a perfect line diagonally across the field for each set. 
  • This Drill can help improve handling, communcation, fitness, rucking, line setting, defencive line,back3 counters and i'm sure you'll find more.
  • It is important to let the players know why they are doing the drill and what you are trying to achieve.

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