Rugby Drill Demonstration


A simple game to encourage running onto the ball and passing in front of the runner.

Split group into two teams of up to eight players. Select one to start as attackers and another to be defenders.

The aim of the game is to score a try past the defence.

Select one player to be the passer (known as the first receiver). Coaches pass the first reciver the ball. team mate on the cone runs as soon as the coach passes the ball. The first receiver and runner need to time run and pass appropriately.

Once each person in the attacking team has gone (inclluding the first receiver) defence and attack swap.

Points are scored as follows:

  • 2 pts for scoring running through a gap between two defenders.
  • 1 pt for scoring running on the outside
  • -1 pt for going into touch
  • 0 pts if the defence tags the player
  • 0 pts if the player stops or goes backwards

Rotate attack and defence as many times as appropriate.

Coaching points


Encourage the first receiver to pass in front of the runner

First Receiver can switch to the other side to practice passing both ways

Runnder needs to time run so that they receive the ball at pace

Encourage the runner to run through gaps in defence without hesitating or stopping


Move up together - walk then run

End defender to not let runner on the outside

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