Rugby Drill Demonstration


Test players tackle technique and reactions. Develops the skill of closing down space, setting for the tackle and responding to attacker's movement.

Set up a starting gate for defending players (red).

Place a line of different coloured cones across the area, about 7-8m from the gate.

At the far side of the area, make a 'runway' of cones for the attackers (blue) with the gate at the end of the runway about 5m from the line of coloured cones.

On GO, both attacker and defender run towards each other. When attacker reaches end of the runway, coach calls a colour. Attacker must run outside that colour cone and go forward. Defender must react to attacker's movement and get across to make the tackle.

Coaching points

Attacker - carry in two hands, use footwork to change direction and accelerate towards space.

Defender - close down space, stay on your toes, then react quickly to the attacker.

Get across quickly, hit with your shoulder (head behind runner's backside), wrap your arms tight round the legs and hold on.

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