Rugby Drill Demonstration



Blue player simply stands tackle pad up and down adding stability if required.

Tackler makes tackle on pad concentrating on hitting good height and using arms correctly to hold bag.

Jump up and return to the cone running backwards reset for next impact.

Progression #1

Tackler makes tackle as before but rolls the pad in a direction until they are on top of the pad, ready to jackel for the ball.

Progression #2

As progression #1 but this time defender, using a tackle shield positions at end of tackle pad. Tackler from low body position must drive the shield back as you would in a ruck.

Coaching points

  • Concentrate on good height and using arms correctly
  • must hold onto pad to roll it
  • minimise gap between body and tackle pad but retain good body position ready to drive.
  • body position to drive tackle shield away from contact – good driving technique
  • make sure the shield is positioned at correct height – low and pointing down.

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