Rugby Drill Demonstration


Set Piece at Kick restart

Coaching points

Kick Restart to opposition

Defence line of 9/5/1

First line of defence 9

Second line of Defence 5

Last line of defence Full Back

No 10 makes the kick then moves to 2nd line of defence.

No 9/10 are in depth to control and direct play

No 8 is used for first hit up or sweeper.

Wingers will fall back deep to cover kicks depending on which side the ball is on.

Making the short kick to attempt to regain possesion the Locks stand deep for acceleration once the ball is kicked and contest. the lock and prop move behind in depth to support by either regaining the tape back or assist in drive creatig the ruck or maul.

 Kicking deep to gain territory fisrt line move up together in one line.

2nd line stay in depth, wingers may need to cover the kick return so will be required to be deeper than normal and the full back controls the wingers to organise the defence/attack.

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