Rugby Drill Demonstration


Tttwo teams, roughly equTwo teams,do not need to be equal numbers, extra man adds progression. Players numbered off and can only tackle their opposite number,ie. 1on1, 2on2 etc.

 Objective is to score a try. Full pitch is used though this can be modified to suit your age,numbers and abilities.

 Ball must be kept alive,if the ball touches the ground it is turned over.

  No ripping out, tackle needs to put man down and kill ball which results in turnover and tackler's team gaining possession.layer on one team adds  anew dimension to it as you will see.

Coaching points

ttOnone on one marking, as in the diagram; Blue5 moves right, Red5 tracks left Blue6 steps into hole which Red6 must then cover.

   Passing and speed of hands v. big tackles.

  Pass out of contact. No Rucks but interrestingly we can have Mauls,which leads to decision making-'my number is in the Maul,do I join or do I wait for him to come out?'  Assessing the Situation.

  Movement off the ball- creating gaps in the defence; likewise defence covering, tracking attackers, anticipation and interception.

 Tackling as a weapon of attack, want the ball? go get it- knock the man down-win possession.

Intelligent pairing up of players helps to deal with' running sideways syndrome'- match siderunner with someone fast so that when he reaches histouch line and turns upfield his tackler is still there!

Kicking? depends on numbers and abilities. Coaches will have to decide

 Extra man:  no number, covers deep, can tackle anyone. Perhaps if one team appears dominant put extra man on weaker team.

Have fun!

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