Rugby Drill Demonstration


The two teams are named Oranges (A) and Apples (D).

The coach calls either Oranges or Apples.

If Apples then the D must run to their safe zone without being
tagged by A.


Starting positions can be varied, start lying on the ground, facing
each other, facing away, sitting down etc...

Coaching points

Coaching Points
Ball carrier
· Carry the ball in two hands
· Run forward
· Lower centre of gravity (body height) and shorten strides when
changing direction
· Use fast feet to run into space
· Deny time and space by moving forward quickly
· Lower centre of gravity
· Look forward at the target, hands up
· Make sure the players make a two handed 'Walla’ tag
· Place lead foot in close to the ball carrier
· Head to side or behind when making a tag

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