Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Set out 10 cones 1m apart in a line

  • Have 6 players lie face down 5m back from this line

  • Place the ball in between 2 of the of the cones

  • On the whistle, the players jump up and form a defensive line on either side of the ball

  • The players should set up “A” then “B” on the blindside then  “A” then “B” open side and then look to fill in where required.

  • Have the players call out what position they have taken up

  • Once the line is formed, have the players call hold, hold.......until the coach picks up the ball

  • At which point the As calls BREAK and the defensive line move up together led by the “C” on the side the ball is move to.

Coaching points

  • The “A”s should be looking in towards the ruck watching for pick and go’s tight to the ruck, they should leave the scrum-half to the “B”s

  • The “B”s should be going for the scrum-half, leaving the “A” to watch for a switch back inside.

  • The “C” should be looking out in front towards the fly half.

  • The rest should be looking out marking the next player in the line.

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