Rugby Drill Demonstration


2 teams work whilst 1 team rests

A ruck is called and A set up an attack from that number, with D setting up their defence from the same ruck.

Play continues until a try is scored, or D force a mistake or tunrover

Once one of these things happen, D becomes A, and the team that was resting becomes the new D

Keep rotating teams for a set amount of time

Coaching points

First thing D does is set A B C then fan from there.

Second thing is to scan A and assess what defensive system we need to implement - Hot or Cold

Next, generate line speed and see if we can get a double tackle, preferably Chop with D2 in over the ball and in the space


Then we can have D3 folding under the tackle to build far side of D line


Defending team becomes Attack so that they are fatigued, hopefully helping the new defence who have just rested

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