Rugby Drill Demonstration


Defence Drill by Robbie fowler

One player on all (A) hats, that's 4 players in total.

One player one Red (D) ( 5 man drill.

D passes ball to anyone on any hat (A)

A then runs towards D left or right side.

D tackles A, then goes to vacant A hat, and the A player

In the middle and becomes D


Coaching points

Tackling Technique is Vital for all players,

Bad techniques will bring injury to the players,

Correct tackling technique is as follows


Safety 1st

“Cheek to cheek”

Make sure your

players put their head in the

safest position when making a tackle


Tackle line of order

  1. focus on target aria “ midsection” ( HIPS UP TO BELLY)


  1. place arms in the right positioning, ( ready to grab)

  2. feet. “ dance”

  3. lead with leg

  4. shoulder hits target aria

  5. arms wrap around midsection

  6. drive with legs

  7. finish on top of the tackled player


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