Rugby Drill Demonstration


5 A pass the ball along the line in front of 5 D

On the Coaches 'GO' A with the ball attacks space between 2 D.

D choose and execute a tackle (chop, double, choke). A present the ball and can send in whatever numbers necessary to retain ball.

D aim is to turn over the ball within 3 phases

Coaching points

Effective technique decision based on cue provided by the A. can we chop to ground early, or do we need to hold up and choke.

Preferably Chop tackle, with 2nd player trying to get in to the space. 1 MAN HAS 1 GO AT THE BALL!

PATIENCE, if we dont get them first phase we can get them later when they run out of numbers.

Defence eyes up and scan A to number up. If we have no one opposite us then fold under the ruck and build far side to gain D overlap

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