Rugby Drill Demonstration


The circle game is a good fun warm-up for the start of a training session that will encourage team work and communication.  Once carried out a few teams it can be a good warm-up that you can ask players to start themselves while you set-up for your session. 

Coaching points

  • Players get into teams of five players.  4 Players are to link arms facing into a circle.
  • Player 5 is the catcher and has to carry the ball in two hands and catch opposite player by tapping them on the back with the ball.
  • Players in the circle are to move from left to right and try to protect the player from being caught by catcher
  • Encourage someone on the team to make the calls.
  • Rotate catchers in the team so all players can have the opportunity to be a catcher. 

Variation - 

Players can face outwards 


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