Rugby Drill Demonstration


Tackle and Offload

  • set up a frid of 20m by 10m.
  • get kids lined up into two lines at one end of the field facing the other end of the field.
  • select two players to be tacklers who will stand on the centre line of the field with 10m vetically between them.
  • the players lined up will run in twos.
  • first player will run with the ball toward the first tackler.
  • he will get tackled, go to ground.
  • his partner will then act as a support player, and the tackled player will pop the ball up to his partner.
  • the partner will then run the ball toward the second tackler and get tackled.
  • the first player will then get up and be the support player. recieve the ball from the player on the ground and then score the try.
  • once a pair have been through, they will then become the tacklers and the tacklers will go and join the attackers line. 
  • Players who do not with to get tackled or tackle will wear a bib, and then they will on tag or get tagged instead of tackling. 

Coaching points

  • When running into contact you want your body to be low. and you want your arm which is not holding the ball to go into contact with the tackler first.
  • tacklers, need to sight there target, with their hands up. then they need to aim around the legs, bear hug them to the ground and then roll away for the attacker. 

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