Hockey Drill Demonstration


2 teams, 1 starting in corner (Defending), 1 starting at top of channel (Attacking)

Ball fed from coach mid way up channel.

Constantly changing numbers in the drill

i.e., 2v1 /2v2/3v2/3v3/4v3v4v4

Attacking Outcomes:

Identifying the direct route to goal.

Attacking hard @ pace.

Leading through to create height.

Jumping back when ball is lost.


Defensive Focus: Defending fast break.

Protecting direct line to goal

Outletting after turnover



Coaching points

Defenders score by passing ball to feeder and then receiving it back (this prevents defenders just clearing the ball in general direction of feed)

Add in 2nd/3rd ball


Discussion: What prevents attackers from attacking direct @ goal

Talk about receipt of the ball

Add constraint to demonstrate importance of receving in flow on fast break. i.e., No receiving back to goal


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