Hockey Drill Demonstration


Pile of balls are set up 15 yds from the cones. there are 5 yrds in bewteen the cone sets. player will weave around cones without a ball then time their reception in between the 2 sets. player at the ball pile with hit the ball accordingly. once received the player will then weave around the cones with the ball. finishing with a short pass to another teammate about 4yds away. this teammate will then receive and use a quick hit to return the ball back to the original hitter. The player weaving will then go back and do the same thing again. each player gets 5 reps then all players rotate clockwise. 

Coaching points

timing is key. making sure not to cut too soon or hit the ball too soon. this requires teamwork and communication. receiving is also important...making sure the ball is under controla as well as for the passes. they need to set up quickly and make sure to get their body behind the ball if necessary. All hits should be quick!!!! If this is too challenging with hitting you can move the ball pile closer and just use push passing. If this is going well you can also back the pile up and hit or sweep. 

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