Hockey Drill Demonstration


Goal:  improving vision + dribbling skills

* players with ball outside circle. All have 5 points at the start.
* 1 or 2  defenders in circle, no stick.
* players with ball try to dribble in circle-around cone and outside circle again with ball ON THE STICK!!
* defenders try to tap the ball with their feet.
* player with ball succesfull around cone and back= 2 pnts extra. If ball is tapped by defender one point less
* change defenders regularly.


STICK SKILL (5 min): Indian dribble.
* train 3 min then game
* feet wide- ball has to go from feet to feet. In 1 min how many times indian dribble? 

Coaching points

Nb defenders tap ball with their feet.

Dribbling skills 

* hands apart, double V grip with V on the small side of stick
* stick 45 degrees with ground= space between feet and ball to change direction.
* left arm, wrist and stick 1 straight line
* bent knees, back straight. 
* change direction through pull back and indian (both indian grip)
* look at feet opponent to avoid ball being tapped


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