Hockey Drill Demonstration


Transfer skill right to left

GOAL: FH transfer 

* see picture for positions
* rotation 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-1 
* No 1 and No 5 start at same time, continous exercise
* No 1/5 dribble to opponent 2/6, then already do transfer skill "receiving turning to right". Then play to No 3/7. They also do this transfer skills and play to team mate on other side turf. 
* No 4 /8 dribble around cone towards opponent etc. 
* DEFENDER:is passive at first, but after 6 min he can try to get ball from No 1 /5 

*  both balls start at same time. Can one ball catch the other one in 2 min?
* appoint 2 defenders who defend for 1.5 min. Defenders against rest team. If defenders together get the ball 6 times from No 1/5 the team need to do 5 burpees. Not succesfull then defenders need to do the burpees (nb they can't put pressure on No 3/7 yet. 

Coaching points

FH transfer to the left 

Feet to attacking goal; 1 feet a bit towards the ball, other feet towards where you want to play

Trap ball in front of right foot and play directly away from you to the left.  (Kind of V trap: ball comes from diagonal from right, then trap at your right feet, then play dioganal away to left to get distance for sweep hit).  
Move your feet and quick sweep hit to left

Copy of  Tr 13 Core 1  Y7&8Hockey Drills Coaching

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