Hockey Drill Demonstration



1. improve trapping ball from left and right. 
2. repeat open receiving 
2. NEW: prescanning


* pratice 1.5 min then swab defender. At end games of 2 min. 
*  No 3 stays on other side square and need to cover the whole square.
* no 1+ 2 stay left and right. They play to each other untill they find space to pass to No 3.
* if pass gets to No 3, then he dribbles and puts ball on backline. Then rotation around: person who gave pass becomes 3. No 3 goes to side 1-2 and start game again. 

Coaching points


before you get the ball you look if there is space to pass.

Important in this excersise is to receive and pass. Focus on:
1. receive with your feet forward
2. trap ball and next action is a step in front of ball to be able to pass straight away. 

trapping ball with your feet and nose towards attacking goal


Core 2: Trapping, open receiving + prescanningHockey Drills Coaching

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