Hockey Drill Demonstration


Goal; repeat when defender /when attacker. 

* Play 3V3 with 1 player in endzone

* Score by playing to player in end zone

* player who passes to player in end zone, takes his place. 

Endgame Rule: 
1. if attackers take free hit but not standing wide = ball for other team. 

End game points:
* if a player from the defending team isn't showing he is a defender, then 1 pnt to attacking team. 

Coaching points

When attacker : if your team has got the ball.  

How do you show you are an attacker:   
as players you make the turf wide + long. it also looks like a bomb exploded when your team gets the ball. 

Reason wide /long turf: then the opponent must defend lots of space= they get easily tired which makes it easier to score. 


When Defender: when your team doesn't have the ball. 

How do you show you are a defender : 
1. One pp goes quickly to ball and pressure the person with the ball.
2) rest team run quickly to an opponent and go marking him .

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