Hockey Drill Demonstration


Mini games 2V2 

Goal: improve block tackle with stick still. 

The game
* play on half tennis court
* 1 team scores by dribbling over line A, one by dribbling over line B
* defending ball can only be done with shaft (= blocktackle) + stick still. If:
a)  ball is been taken with curl, then free hit for other team. 
b) if they sweep with stick = ball for other team

Coaching points

Block tackle :

When: in small spaces of lots of team mates around you

Goal blocktackle: bit like catching a prey. Waiting as defender and all of the sudden big step forward and putting shaft against ball and blocking opponent.

- stick in left hand or both hands
- feet in starting position; left for and righ behind
- suddenly big lunch forward and putting stick against ball and holding stick there. No sweeps!!
- left hand on the ground, wrist tight. 

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