Hockey Drill Demonstration


Choose ONE of the rules below to work on an aspect of the game. You can add it to session/clipboard and delete what you don't need.

- Countdown (for fast breaks and full press): a goal only counts if the other team doesn't score within _ seconds

- Max. touch game (for quick passing): limit number of touches allowed each time you receive the ball

- 5v3 (for overload simulation)

- Individual Restriction: players have an individual restriction, or by group. eg. attackers only 3 touches, defenders stay below half-way line.

- Turnover (earn the right to attack): teasm shoot towards one goal only, and become attacking team by controlling the ball across the half-way line.

- Tackleback Goals: If you regain possession in opposition half and score = double goals

- Switcheroo (for Change direction of play after a goal. Game does not stop - scoring team keep possession and continue play.

- Player2Player - Players are paired up with opposition player and can only tackle their assigned opponent.

- 1Sub: 1 player spends 1 minute off the field. Swap with an opposition team player to always have one team a player up.

- Scorer Forfeit: player that scores has to do some sort of forfeit before they
return to the field, creating a brief numbers up situation.

- Uneven Goals: One big goal and one little goal, or one side single and other side double goals.

- Zone Match: Split field into 4 squares – a player can only move within two squares.

- No Go Match: Section off an area in the centre of the field where players cannot enter (encourages teamplay)

- Magic Player: Section off an area in the centre of the field where one Magic Player stays. Ball must go through the Magic Player, who is always on team in posession. 

- End Zone; A point is scored by controlling ball in end zone (area), passing and controlling into end zone. zone is little area. 

- Double/Triple Goals: (for wide play and transfers)

- Have two games playing in different directions on the same field.

4 v 4 To goal and switch goal


Coaching points

Coaching depends on type of game, try to really focus on max. 1 to 2 aspects in the game.

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