Hockey Drill Demonstration


Activity 1 - Hitting exercise

The purpose is to get the ball past the opposition. Every time the ball hits a foam divider it is a point.

Activity 2 - 3v2 attacking from right

Purpose is for attackers to score a goal. If defenders get an attacker isolated in the yellow box for longer than 3 seconds they get a point.

Starts with defenders passing ball to attackers. 

Activity 3 - Positional Awareness

Use throw down lines instead of cones. A two by two square pitch with two end zones at each end. A 3v3 in the central 2x2 square where only one player from each team is allowed in a square. In the end zone there are two attackers vs one defender and two goals in each corner. Dribbling the ball through a goal under control gets a point. 

Activity 4

Same as Activity 2 but attacking from the left.

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