Hockey Drill Demonstration


Goal scoring (no coach, 10 min)
- rotation: 1-2-3
- nr 1 push from the run to nr 2
- nr 2 receives+ ball on stick+   push to nr 3. 
- nr 3 receives+ scores WITHIN the cone width (3 meter). Outside the cone area= no scoring (safety). -scoring skills: Level 1= slapshot. Level 2= high push in goal 

ex between 23 and midline
level 1 has the + exercise. Level 2 sets the lane exercise 

level 1 (10 min) :
- 4 people on each end. Start at same time. 
- all make figure 8's till back at own cone. Do relay forms
- Skills:
1. FH- FH dribble
2. FH -BH dribble
3. pull back => no figure 8. Middle cone = pull back and going to outside cone. Outside cone pull back with 180 turn back to big cone. 

Level 2 (10 min)
- set out 2x, do relay forms
- 2 people at end, start at same time
- Skills:
1. feet stay in lane, ball around cones. 
2. feet in lane, at every cone bal 1x indian (back -forth) on width cones before going around cone.
3. Pull back: bal to outside cone, than pull back and to other cone
4. Reverse: every cone ball outside and now reverse back to other cone  

Coaching points

Dribbling Focus

- double V grip 
- wrist stretched (no broken wrist) 
- stick 45 degrees with ground, left left arm loose from body 
- having playing ground 

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