Hockey Drill Demonstration


Station 1 - Control ball close to stick. Dribbling around the cones then lifting the ball over the row of cones.

Finishing with a shot on goal

Station 2 - Partner passing off the wall. Control the ball. Practice with eyes up and have two hands on the stick.

Allow students to get a feel for passing off the wall. Then create a race. First team to 20 wins. 

Station 3

Dribbling the ball forward, lifting it over the cones then have a shot on goal.

Coaching points

Station 1 - Make sure keeper is ready. Eyes up when working around the cones. Retrieve ball and join other line after you have had your shot. 

 Station 2- Eyes up, sticks down, pushing the ball rather than hitting. Absorb the ball into the stick when recieving passes

Station 3 - Eyes up, lift the ball just enough to clear cones, flick/push the ball at goal. 

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