Hockey Drill Demonstration


  • Players line up on either of the orange cones and the feeder (preferably coach, stands with the balls just inside the circle)
  • As the player runs to the middle of the box, the feeder pushes a ball in and calls either blue or red
  • Players recieves upright, on the run and change direction towards the called cone
  • Player dribbles on the outside of the cone, into the circle, then takes a shot (optional: restrict the touches in the circle to two)

Coaching points


  • Receiving in motion
  • Reaction time
  • Change of direction
  • Maintaining vision
  • Dribbling


  • Sometimes difficult to understand at first so give a demonstration on how it works and start slow

To advance the drill:

  • Add an obstacle between the coloured cone and shot (such as a slider for a drag, or defender)
  • Get the player to pass it back when they reach the cone and you feed it ahead of them into the circle (to practice running onto the pass and reinterate recieving in motion)


  • Mistraps (sign of fatigue)
  • Not running onto the ball - solved by moving the orange cones back and getting them to begin the lead before you pass
  • In younger players, they sometimes find it difficult to regain control after an obstacle - slow it down and emphasise control... speed comes with practice

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