Hockey Drill Demonstration


a short sharp uncontested goalscoring session where the pressure is applied through timing. 1 starts by heading to the top of ther D and shoots, at the same 2 leads down the left wing and looks to conect with 1 before passing, 1 then post up to 3 and looks to hit off the back foot as this happens 4 leads down the right wing again looking to make a conection before passing.

Coaching points

early shot from the top allowing the 1 to get into a good low body and field position, conections made by looking at talking, if 1 feet is pointing towards the ball carrier this will aid decision on what type of shot. when posting up to 3 lead hard and stop the ball dead before hitting off the back foot, making defending impossible. then on leading to 4 make conection and ark the run so feet are pointing at the winger.

work on adaptability expect the unexpected! create pressure and fun by seeing who scores the most.

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