Hockey Drill Demonstration


Flexible game format:

Number off 1-3 players and position them each on three cones at the side of the pitch and do the same for the other team of three.  

Coach roles ball onto pitch and calls "number 3's".  They race round the outside of the pitch through their goal to the ball and then first to score 1 on 1.

You then repeat for No 1's. Etc.  Points for goals to their team as a collective score.

You can then do 2 on 2 same format or 3 on 3.

Coaching points

Encourage usE of the reverse stick, passing with points for that as well as goals.  

Mix it up 2 on 1, 2 on 2, or 3 on 1.

Keep cumulative team score.

You can also vary this to be set play side line hits or a sixteen to get them used to game situations 

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