Hockey Drill Demonstration


Skeleton Drill-one of my favorites. Works on passing on the move-receiving on the move

Coaching points

Balls start on the bottom right-player dives ball up to the girl on side line-she then passes through the yellow cones. Next girl is looking to catch the ball off her right foot, so she will cut to the ball and OPEN up, to catch it off the right foot and release the ball to the opposite side.  Player then receives-weaves through the cones and releases ball to girl on the baseline.  She then releases to the player about the stroke mark. Looking for two touch-RECEIVE-RELEASE! 

*Girls should follow their pass, depending on size of team, you should have 3 girls per line.  

You can add defence inside the circle-but it will slow the pace. 

skeleton Drill-simple ball movement-Moving with the ballHockey Drills Coaching