Hockey Drill Demonstration


Play a normal match, two teams. However, the game is conditioned, but the players don't know what the conditions are.  They have to try and work out what they are in game play. The whistle won't be blow for a foul, eg foot or dangerous ball, they can decide whats wrong themselves.

However, the whistle will be blow when the condition(s) are broken.  The ball will be left dead, and the opposition continue with the game.

Start with one mystery condition only and once they have figured out what it is, add a second condition.

Conditions such as:

  • Ball not being on the end of the stick, therefore will only make it a pushing and ariel game.
  • Low ball pace.
  • Stationary with the ball, or walking pace.
  • Recieving unnecessarily on the reverse.
  • Not posting for the ball.
  • Not pre-scanning, or not looking up before passing the ball.
  • Not self passing.
  • Not calling a eg name or direction when wanting the ball.
  • Not shooting as soon as they get in the D if the option is on.

Coaching points

Encourage players to play as a normal game as possible and not focus on the conditions as it will distract them from from the real task in hand, playing a normal match.

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